Dehumidifiers, Sales and Consulting, Inc.

About Dehumidifiers, Sales and Consulting, Inc.

Dehumidifiers, Sales and Consulting, Inc., registered in Houston, Texas August 1st. 2002, is totally owned by Don Bechtol.

Don started his career in the petroleum industry in 1972 in Venezuela when he was employed by the Carboline division of Sun Chemical Corporation and responsible for introducing the Carboline products to northern South America. During this time Don was contracted to supervise the blasting and coating of the Panama Canal penstocks and radial gates.

In 1976 Don joined Botto Industrial Coatings, to start a Venezuelan blasting and coating company and a few years later started his own blasting and coating company, Revestimientos Industriales del Oriente, S.A.

Don became a NACE certified coatings inspector in 1984, #225, and moved back to the USA to work in nuclear plants and on various off-shore platforms.

During his time with Munters, from 1986 to 1993 he promoted dehumidification both in the areas of surface prep and coating and water damage.

In 1993 Don launched his own dehumidification company, DeHumidification Technologies, Inc. and ran it successfully until 2003 when he decided to retire. However, not doing anything was not an option and so Don became a partner in Dehumidifier Sales which was later merged with a Denver group now called Ally Equipment Rentals.

At the present time Bechtol is still selling desiccant dehumidifiers from 800 10,000cfm and refrigerant dehumidifiers from 5 30 tons. He has also added two new items, a 100-50 KW in-line duct heater and a 50-17KW in-line duct heater. This is where we are today.