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In-Line Duct Heaters

For the past 24 years we have been supplying dehumidification equipment to the contractors and tank owners in our industry. Dependability and good pricing gave us the reputation of having "the best units that money can buy at prices that meet budget restrictions".

We are now launching a new addition to our product line, one that continues to follow this sales policy. We are introducing two in-line heaters: one that can be switched to supply 100KW, 75KW or 50KW of power and the other heater, also a three-stage unit that can be switched to supply 50KW, 25KW or 15KW of power.

The selection of power is done with three switches and this information is printed on the body of the heater. It is so simple that even a caveman can do it!

Power:460/3/60 Footprint:46" long x 28" wide
FLA:125 amps Dimensions:57" long x 42" wide x 34" high
3-Stage:100KW, 75KW, 50KW  Duct plenum:19" diameter
Weight:403 lbs. (incl. power cord) Suggested duct size:18" diameter
Skid:4-way forklift - galvanized Construction:16 gauge galvanized
Fused Disconnect Lifting Eyes

In-Line Duct Heater

In-Line Duct Heater

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