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Temporary Humidity Control

There are thousands of industries that must have a controlled environment for their manufacturing processes. These companies own the units and require additional DH when their units need to be shut down for maintenance or when break-downs happen.

A few examples are the pharmaceutical companies, the blow molding groups, battery manufacturers, the construction industry, concrete companies, many phases of automobile assembly plus food processing companies.

In this market segment we will find every type of DH and environmental control machine that exists on the planet. It is not unusual to find processes that require blends of desiccant and refrigeration air streams, diesel reactivated rotors, steams or heat pipe systems, microwave technology and wild, exotic combinations of all of the above.

The secret to success in this market is flexibility, creativity, in-depth knowledge of all technologies and lots of control data. A little bit of luck wouldn’t hurt either.

Here are a few examples of dehumidifiers that are commonly used during projects in the Temporary Humidity Control industry. Delivery time is usually 4 to 6 weeks. In all cases volume discounts apply.

Electric DH 3000 cfm

20 Ton Refrigeration DX - Stackable

Electric DH 5500 cfm

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