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Water Damage Restoration

In a water damage restoration project, the design of a detailed drying plan can be a very challenging project. An almost endless amount of questions must be answered before equipment and crews can be put to work. A few of the more important questions are: What are we fighting? How wet is wet? What is the size of the effected area? Are people going to be working in the area we are drying? What are ambient conditions? Do we have electrical power? How much time do we have? Who pays the bills? Have proper documents been completed and accepted? We can all think of another fifty questions without really trying too hard. One of the only things that is certain for these projects is that something is wet that must be dried.

We would be doing ourselves an injustice if we did not address all situations that could possibly come up on these jobs. We must always use the most efficient and job friendly equipment on the market. Trade shows are always a good source for finding the latest and greatest. They normally run for 2 or 3 days and the exhibitors are usually very well informed and happy to explain all the details about their products. Classes are also presented for solving different problems and presenting new technologies.

Appearance is also very important. And when you push a start button the units must go and not stop until the project meets specs. There are very few things that will start things going against your company, like an adjuster or your customer’s representative waiting and watching while your equipment is being repaired.

At Dehumidifiers, Sales and Consulting, Inc. we want your projects to run smoothly. We consider that quality equipment at affordable prices is an important contribution to our industry and we will continue to spend 50% of our time doing research and testing equipment. Therefore, the line of products that we have come up with has proven to be "the best that money can buy".

We would be very happy to discuss your project with you at any time. Please give is a call at 713-249-1615 and ask for Don Bechtol.

Here are a few examples of dehumidifiers that are commonly used during projects in the Water Damage Restoration industry. Delivery time is usually 4 to 6 weeks. In all cases volume discounts apply.

Electric DRY-700 cfm

Electric DH 3000 cfm

20 Ton Refrigeration DX - Stackable

In-Line Duct Heater

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